Our values

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Our brasserie

As time went on this mansion, a former officer's club opposite the REIMS TGV railway station in the heart of Champagne and the city where French kings were crowned, became the favourite meeting spot for Reims' epicureans.


You'll enjoy an unforgettable time amidst the Mansard roof, rotunda, wrought iron, wainscoting, mosaics, stained glass, velvet banquettes, gleaming copper, mirrors and hanging lamps.


Our values

As soon as you cross the threshold into a Brasserie Flo, you will immediately rediscover the qualities that make for a great brasserie.

Fresh products selected with the greatest of care, typical dishes of the French-style brasserie, regional dishes, and new dishes concocted by our Chef and his team…
Our menu reflects the spirit of the great brasseries: generosity, variety, and richness.

But the recipe for a Great Brasserie consists of multiple ingredients, that strike a subtle balance between flavour and beauty: A unique establishment, attentive customer service, an unequalled atmosphere that mingles the hum of conversations with the ballet of the servers.

We make every effort to ensure that your experience is unique, original and gourmet.

Share in our taste for high quality.


Photo credits : © Patrick delapierre